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To put quite simply, there has never been fleet like it and the service provided in the whole UK. There is not a team more dedicated or more passionate to making sure your special occasion is one you will always remember.... Right from the moment you call and speak to our friendly staff, through to your special day of the limousine service, you will know you are in the right and safest hands. Whatever the occasion, there is not need to think twice and rely on 1st Event to make sure your special event runs smoothly safely and stress free.

From the birth of Party Bus Hire London in 1997, we setting ourselves a huge task; wanting to be the very best chauffeur driven limousine hire company throughout the United Kingdom. We wanted to offer all of our clients a range of legal, brand new stretch limousines, serviced by only the best qualified engineers, driven by professional chauffeurs and to offer our clients an unrivalled limousine service that was second to none. Now into our 14th year, with a hug client base of over 14,000 regular clients, we have introduced the HUGE Grand Illusion Party Bus Limousines into our fleet. Being a fully Licence and Legal Limousine hire company, We operate holding a ministers Operator licence for our 16 passenger Grand Illusion limos. All our vehicles undergo rigorous safety checks by our on site engineer and are driven by our CRB checked and qualified team of professional chauffeurs.

Throughout our 14 years of limousine hiring services, we have had some remarkable ‘firsts’ and has always prided itself on being an industry innovator and leader, setting the trends for our clients rather than just following someone else.

When booking with us, there are certain morals and loyalty we supply to every client, offering you the very newest limousines ever built, and supporting our stretched limousines with qualified fully licensed, trained and CRB checked chauffeurs who care. Chauffeurs who care to make a difference, making sure your special occasion runs smoothly; in complete luxury and that you arrive on time, stress free and ready to enjoy your big night or day out.

Grand Illusion Party Bus

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